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invite you all, to discover and explore the world's prominent performing Artists & Attractions through my new online experienc Since January 2011, HENRYSONBALOGUN Artists Management Inc. (HENRYSONBALOGUN) has been an international new starter in the management of Featured Artists activities of performing artists; The Company cater for pre-dominantly in Artist in Pop, House, Electro and Dance genre type and multi-media productions. Under the leadership of Director and CEO, Henryson H. Oladipo Balogun. The company honor and applaud, Artists for their immeasurable contributions to the performing arts throughout the UK and the world. For any enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us...

Association Partners: Dennis Rubinstein (Ike Turner, Tina Turner, ZZ Top, AeroSmith - former Head of ICM Touring) / Loulita Bonet / Tom E Morrison / Richard Blanshard / The London Nigerian Online Magazine / Savîta Kayê - House of iKons

London, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Delhi & Munich

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Henryson Balogun Esq - LLB / LLM / BSc
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for easy of reference and site economics - If you feel like an eXtra smack is coming on hmmm... "I love music/Film Prodction"

Modelling/Film Actors/Casting Agent

for the Beautiful eXpression, doubled with impression and likeability

DJ Management

for the userability and fleXible use of the model music world tools [THE CLUB] the way of DJ Management needs data and information to access their [CAVES]

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  • "Linkedin - Henry has been not only a good friend but is someone I am counting on for new music recommendations for the USA."Dennis Rubenstein Owner, DR Music, Rubenstein Family Trust

  • "Linkedin - Henry was a pleasure to work with whilst at TMW. He got under the skin of the projects we working on and was pro-active in flagging any potential technical issues as early as possible – avoiding a lot of end-of-project painful moments! He’s also a really interesting character so the fun conversations were a bonus :)" - Lauren Leibman Freelance Project Manager at glue Isobar

  • "Linkedin - I had the pleasure of working with Henry and can recommend him as a thorough front end developer. He has excellent people skills and has an intelligent and creative approach to his work and colleagues." - Lynda Elliott UX Planner Contractor at Dare

  • "Linkedin - I worked on regular email campaigns with Henry at TMW. I found him easy to work with, as not only did he have a clear vision of the scope of the projects, he was also a motivating person to engage with. He clearly communicated the technical side of the copy content requirement and made valuable contributions to brainstorming sessions. As a result, we got the work done creatively, quickly and effectively." - Jeanette James Copywriter (senior freelance) at JJ Creative Limited

  • "Our final winner this week is Chudi James, managed by Henryson Balogun. The winning video, 'Shooting Arrows' is captivating; featuring a carefree young boy surrounded by sweets and beautiful women. The accompanying track mixes solid guitars with a vocal seemingly out of a 70s classic, while the lyrical content is ingenious and original. Chudi’s sound echos that of his idols perfectly, taking inspiration from James Brown, Prince and The Rolling Stones and modernising them into current indie rock. Chudi has found his time with BEAT100 very rewarding, 'the response, exposure and opportunities that has come from our time in the [BEAT100] charts has truly been overwhelming'." - Jeanette James BEAT100.com


Music Management / Artist Management / Modelling Management / DJ Management

Web Design / Technologist/Music Management

Producer/ Manager/ Freelancer and Direct Marketing - @TMW / @Shwak! / @3Com - Account like ( Sainsbury's / eBay / Infinti / Nissan / Unilever / Deigio / Guinesss / T-Mobile / Sony Ericsson / LYNX / Comfort / @Universal / @Def Jam / Lawyer / @Beat100 @henrysonbalogun )

Logo Design

Henryson Balogun music logo - artwork with Scarlette UK / Dice Phoenix / Black Pussycat /HenrysonBalogun Music

Music Management / Social Media

Dice Phoenix - with the track "Go", "Director", "Hear no evil" and Chudi James with "Shooting Arrows"

Social Media

The Glide Apps - With Sara Glide / Press feed with Bo Nicolaysen / Karollina Katona - Radio Finland / twitter - @hbalogun and @henrysonbalogun @socialcam @Instagram @Linkedin

motion/ graphics / Film Post-Production

Musical video / Track producer / Distribution - Dice Phoenix and Chudi James, Short Film "I Love you" on IMDB


Instagram / Himself / Finland / Sweden / United Kingdom / USA / Nigeria / Norway / Germany

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    / world intro
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    Licensing / EP/ World Airplay



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  • Website / twitter
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    / EP/ LP / world Airplay


posted on March 8th, 2017 | in News

Henryson Balogun

Otherwise known as "Little Henry from Mill Hill" .... The Jew Boy

posted on March 8th, 2017 | inNews

Mia Praught

Based out of Santiago, Chile & Ontario, Canada, singer/songwriter Mia Praught took interest in music at the early age of four. She was influenced by her father who was a songwriter and musician specializing in guitar. read more...

posted on March 8th, 2017 | in News

Susanna de Brito Medeiros

Started modelling at the age of 18 and has sang in school choirs and joined a girl band as a leader singer 2012. 1st runner up for the Most Sexy of Finland 2015, 2nd runner up for Miss Kajaani 2015 - Senior PA {at} HenrysonBalogun Music Inc Limited

posted on March 8th, 2017 | in News, Photography

Dice Phoenix

Dice seeks to look for the best in life and believe in going ahead. the sexy beautiful bubbly, British bombshell, with the mystical icy charisma that makes you wonder whats beneath that overwhelming personality. Her vocals will blow your mind away...

posted on March 8th, 2017 | in Design, News

Chudi James

A British Singer, song writer, dancer and the front man, lead singer of the UK band 'Fight or Flight'. From the tender age of 7, Chudi already knew he wanted to be a performer when his attention caught the likes of the artists....

posted on March 8th, 2017 | in Blogs, Collaboration

Louilta Bonet - DJ Management

We live in a global market and Internet allow us to reach the most remote place in the world. As you know, in management, the interaction with other companies is an enriching experience, and this commitment is very important for our agency.

posted on March 8th, 2017 | in Website, Social Media


Taliia is a pop singer & lyricist whose musical journey has taken her all the way to London, where she studied on the Artist Development course at Access to Music London (BANM), like well-known college graduates: Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Vanessa from The Saturdays...

posted on March 8th, 2017 | in Management, Social Media

Janet Grey

The Turner Show: A six (6) member live band performing tribute to the Legacy of Tina Turner with Janet Gray as the impersonator and (singing) frontwoman, The Gray Panther: A five (5) member live band performing tribute to Classic Rock music and their several artists...

posted on March 8th, 2017 | in Website, Social Media

Victoria Aitken

Victoria Aitken love writing dance songs and has now four times, in a row been the UK dance charts. Summer 2010 her song Sunshine, remixed by Playaz audio and superstar Dj- The Scumfrog reached number 7 in the music week club charts. remixed by Hungarian star Dj Tom Noize...


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