Mia Praught
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Mia Praught - Bio

Based out of Santiago, Chile & Ontario, Canada, singer/songwriter Mia Praught took interest in music at the early age of four. She was influenced by her father who was a songwriter and musician specializing in guitar. For the young Mia, singing, writing songs and putting on plays was her passion. Mia recalls listening to music in her household 24/7. It was Blues music that reigned supreme at that time in her life. As a teen, in high school, Mia started a punk rock band. “I am left handed and wanted to learn guitar so badly, that I took my dad's right handed guitar and learned how to play it upside down" says Mia. It was she, that wrote all the original songs for her new band. Once Mia started to play more often, she was able to invest in a left handed guitar. She then had to teach herself how to adapt to the proper string set up once again.

On top of being a member of a punk rock band, Mia was involved in several musical productions. “I have always had a huge musical spectrum and deep love of all music" says Mia. She then went on to university to study theater, classical vocal training and went on to perform in several more live productions. She dabbled in film and television commercial work as well. After her university studies were completed, she began gigging with a corporate band that performed all over Canada. Catering to large venues, events and casino's allowed her to adapt to various musical styles. Mia fell in love with Motown and Jazz. “I had been writing music throughout the years and I had so many influences and loved so many different styles and found myself a bit lost as to what my own personal style was." says Mia. Dinah Washington was one of her greatest influences. It wasn't until she relocated to Santiago, Chile, for love, that she started to get a sense of what her true personal style really was.

Being thrown into a new culture, without the comforts of family and friends and having to "start over" in a sense, she didn't know any musicians in the area, so she did some social networking. Mia sought out open mics and soon met some talented people to work with. She began doing some vocal work with Dj's for club style events and vocal Jazz work with Jazz musicians. "As much as I loved to do these types of things, I finally decided to create "my own" project" says Mia. She had been planning completion of this project for a very long time and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Mia had found her niche and was eager to mix her favorite styles with her newly discovered South American influences. Her original works are simple, full of poise and grace and her vocals accent her lyrics with such beauty to the ear. Her genre is a combination of Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Urban and Latin influences all rolled up into one. Her delivery evokes emotion. Her talent speaks for itself.

Mia Praught is about to release her debut single "Instincts" from her upcoming CD entitled "Oui No" to the International markets. She hopes her music will relate to the listeners and that she will develop a fan base that appreciates her original style. For Mia, expressing herself through music feels therapeutic. Stay tuned for more on this incredible talent.


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