lourdes Bonet

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lourdes Bonet

DJ Management

lourdes Bonet

Louilta Bonet [lourdes Bonet] - DJ Management

DJ Management and Music We live in a global market and Internet allow us to reach the most remote place in the world. As you know, in management, the interaction with other companies is an enriching experiency, and this commitment is very important for our agency.

In the Deejays sector, cooperation with local and International companies means the oportunity for know new countries and offer our music in places where, otherwise, it would be impossible to contact.

In order to increase the chances to success, Lourdes Bonet Management Deejays offers a wide range of partners-artists willing and able to work at other international and famous agencies.

It has not scaped that collaborations and exhanges are important as part of our transparent and professional enterprise policy. And from day to day, we try to demonstrate these principles. In fact, Henryson Balogun is one of stellar colaborations


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    Reach out and express yourself

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      Reach out and express yourself

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    Reach out and express yourself.

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